Local art and live edge woodshop meets premier organic salon—magic transpires.


Hot summer nights have a way of bringing crazy ideas into fruition, don’t they? Maybe it was the full moon, maybe the stars aligned, but when stylist Sydnie Bray sat down with her woodworker father, Nigel, around a campfire in the woods, they knew LiveEdge Salon could not only exist, but thrive. What better than a place that blended two art forms seamlessly: salon services and handcrafted woodwork? They knew it could be something totally unique.


With a bit of magic manifestation and a whole lot of hard work, fast forward a few years and Sydnie and her team have become the hottest salon destination in Oregon City, with clients commuting far and wide from surrounding cities. “How did you find out about us?” Sydnie likes to ask. You guessed it: the hair speaks for itself.

As the number one organic and earth friendly salon in Oregon City, LiveEdge knows that behind every success, is a team who strives to never stop learning and educating themselves. We welcome every race, religion, sexual orientation, and astrology sign under the sun and aim to create an inclusive, supportive environment for all. To never stop breaking convention and celebrating what makes us unique. So join our tribe—great hair is waiting.


Owner, Sydnie Bray, handpicks and mentors every stylist the LiveEdge way—using nature as inspiration relying on organic, natural products and a whole lot of raw talent. No cookie cutters here. After all, Live Edge woodworking utilizes freeform creativity mixed with razor sharp skill and an intuitive eye for aesthetics. You could say that’s the same way we approach your #hairgoals.


Sydnie Bray

Owner, Lead Stylist

The master behind the magic, the light that guides the ship, the wind beneath your wings…well you get it. Sydnie’s the head boss babe around here. Her whole life she’s believed you must create the things you wished existed—and after a lot of dreaming and a whole lot of hard work—Sydnie is proud of the salon she’s created. She funnels all her Aries fire into passion and a relentless commitment to the LiveEdge empire.

An advocate for sourcing natural ingredients in both color and products, her mission is to make LiveEdge the premier organic salon in the PNW. As a graduate of Portland Beauty School and a certified Surface Origins artist, Sydnie values education and continued learning to stay on top of trends and techniques.

Come to Sydnie for your golds, coppers, reds (and any other color you can dream up) and leave with a style and cut that enhances what nature gave you. She’s a pro at accentuating texture and helping every woman see their limitless beauty, inside and out. Think beachy balayage and lush healthy brunettes. She personally mentors each LiveEdge stylist and works to create an environment where clients feel seen, heard, and well-served. And of course, with great hair comes great responsibility. She’s a product encyclopedia and can help you hand pick the good stuff for your #hairgoals. After all, you wouldn’t buy an iPhone and not get a cover for it, right? So, as Sydnie says, always take chances, unless you’re talking box dye.


Mary Jo "MJ" Mielnik

Senior stylist 

That cut you’re loving but haven’t pulled the trigger on yet? Yeah, you know the one. That hot color that’s out of your norm? Yup. Well, Mary Jo’s got a newsflash for you: You can pull it off. Yes, you. With MJ at the helm, nothing is out of reach and every client is a super star. A graduate of Paul Mitchell The School Portland and Surface trained, Mary Jo has eight years of experience in the beauty industry and is ready to give you the style of your dreams. LiveEdge has created the perfect home for MJ to be innovative—a creative cutting champion, she can pull off your funky cut and high contrast colors. She thinks bangs are super fun, too. She’ll also remember everything you say—she’s got a freaky memory like that, but uses her powers for good (like remembering how you like a side part and not down the middle). When she’s not making every day great at Live Edge, you can find her exploring the coast with her husband, and dreaming of owning a black Cadillac. MJ takes the Coco Chanel philosophy to heart: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” MJ would add that fashion is also your hair. So come on, bring in that dream hair pic. You never know what can happen with a visionary heart and a pair of scissors.



Richelle Mott
Brow Guru & Waxologist

Richelle believes every day is a new chance to be the badass girl you were meant to be. She also believes being a badass usually starts with a good pair of brows. Give her your bushy Brooke Shields or your over-plucked 90’s skinnies, and she’ll lead you to the light. She aims to be the go-to brow stylist in the PNW and is all about the hustle, even while juggling a newborn at home. Richelle is a graduate of Northwest Beauty College and is brow and lash tinting certified. With four years experience under her belt, she’s got the wisdom of being in the field, and the Scorpio confidence to make your brow dreams a reality. LikeRichelle always says, it’s time to put the tweezers down! Go ahead and book that brow appointment with your new brow guru.


Kat Renecker


Kat (or Kat-Daddy if you’re feeling spunky) is a little bit moonchild, a little bit organizational queen, and a major fringe fanatic! Seriously, she believes the right fringe can change your life. Kat is licensed in hair design from Portland Beauty School, and is currently Sydnie’s partner in slaying, but let’s be honest—her hair career started long ago when she did the braids and buns of her entire gymnastics team for every meet. Fun fact—Kat competed collegiately and she’s never met a can of glitter she didn’t like. She’s a natural-born solution finder, and is always ready to help you find your best look. Her specialties include (but are not limited to): balayage, blonding, and both natural and bold color. Kat’s also a texturized LOB enthusiast. She loves being a part of the LiveEdge team because it’s a laid back environment inclusive of everyone who walks in. Kat plans to never stop growing and learning, and making your hair as fly as it can be. Classic Kat-Daddy advice: Primpin’ ain’t easy, so don’t go it alone. Keep calm, and call your stylist!




Nigel Bray

Nigel Bray was born in Canada, raised in Pennsylvania and California, and is now a local Oregon City resident and has been living here since 1993. He began working with wood at an early age, and started his own contracting business in 1985. His business has been very successful and kept him busy, but he recently was looking to make a change. Partnering up with his daughter Sydnie, they collaborated on a business where a hair salon and live edge wood building could share a space with other local artists and crafters. That’s where LiveEdge Salon and Local Artistry came into play.


"We rise by lifting others"