Organic & Sustainable Hair Services

It’s the difference between a strawberry plucked straight from the garden, and one you bought out of season at a big box grocery store. To us, hair’s not so different.

Here at LiveEdge we believe organic, plant-based, straight-from-the-source ingredients in our products and colors make a huge difference when it comes to results—and we’re all about results. Think high pigments, rich shampoos and conditioners, and effortless 100% grey coverage.

I bet you never thought you’d walk out with healthier hair after a bleach job, but you can (we swear! It’s happened). And you don’t have to limit the luxury to just your appointment time—we have the good stuff for sale right here.

From Oway Hair care (yes please to clean chemistry and organic formulation) to Surface Hair (A+ respecters of the earth and also smells yummy—hey, that matters too) we have a full stock of products you just won’t find anywhere else.

And just as a PSA: Information is power around here. All of our stylists have advanced balayage and lightening education. So bring us your best #hairgoals. We’ve got you.

"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life" - Coco Chanel