We believe in looking fly and loving mother earth at same time.

From organic dyes to locally made and sourced body care and skin care, we believe pure ingredients create the best results. Having an organic, sustainable salon isn’t the norm, but hey. Neither are you.

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Organic Color

We use professional organic hair color formulated with the highest concentration of organic, bio-dynamic and fair trade ingredients. Respecting personal health and the earth, we offer only the best products in our salon. Long lasting, nourishing and ph balancing hair color maintains and strengthens the integrity of your hair. 

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Staying up on trends isn't the only reason we are highly qualified. We are vastly skilled in different textures and head shapes giving you the ability to achieve the look you are going for. Giving you options based on hair type and how much styling time you want to put into it makes our consultations thorough and effective.

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Not all hair should be treated equal, but all hair should be treated. Our natural and organic treatments along with bond building additions are a great way to keep your hair healthy, strong, frizz free and manageable. Styling is so much easier when your hair is healthy and easy to tame. We have a variety of treatments available for each guests specific needs.

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All of our hair services end with a beautiful stylized finished. Whether you are wanting a weekly blowout or a special event style, we have got you covered. We also offer hands on classes so you can reproduce our work conveniently in your own home like a #bossbabe.