LiveEdge Salon & Local Artistry

Oregon City's Leading Organic & Sustainable Salon

Here at LiveEdge Salon, we know boss babes. That’s probably because we’re boss babes ourselves. To us, “boss babe” applies to every woman who knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to go after it. That’s right, YOU.

Our space is more than a salon and never an errand. Come early and grab a drink from our bevvy bar. Hook up to our wifi to finish that work assignment, or lounge in a comfortable chair with a glass of wine or tea and catch up with the latest fashion mag (or Entrepreneur—you do you).


Hair & Body Services

Come in for an epic hair treatment, the haircut that fits your vibe and organic hair color because that's how you roll. Ditch the box dye and uplevel to a pro balayage. Stay forever young with facials, waxing, and a manicure. Keep your brows on fleek with the immaculate artistry of brow tinting and waxing. 


ORganic salon

We believe in looking fly and loving mother earth at same time. From organic dyes to locally made and sourced body care and skin care, we believe pure ingredients create the best results. Having an organic, sustainable salon isn’t the norm, but hey. Neither are you.


THe Shop

Find your whimsy in our shop full of locally handcrafted inspiration for body and soul. Hair’s cool but you can never have too many crystals, as we like to say. With custom design and woodwork in every inch of Live Edge, we know like attracts like. Beauty attracts beauty. Strength attracts strength.



Join us for upcoming events and learn the beauty tips and tricks from the pros.

"There's as a difference between style and fashion. Style is much more important"

You deserve the best hair care with the best earth-friendly results.

Our customized transformation and maintenance plans give you the knowledge to choose what works best for your lifestyle while maintaining the integrity of your hair.  

"There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise"

Fall in love with taking care of yourself.

Your self-care day doesn't have to end with the blow-out. Here at LiveEdge we offer additional services before, after, or during your hair reservation. Want to come in for a quick wax before your vacay? Need a relaxing natural facial before your big interview? Or maybe you want to see our in house Brow Guru to keep your brow game strong. Lucky for you everything you didn't know you needed is all right here.


Look and feel like the queen you are on your wedding day.


Nothing like some #bossbabes at your side to create the look and feel you're going for. Whether it's on-site or in-house, our wedding experts will put your mind at ease and bring your inspo pics to life. Not sure what you want to do? No problem! We can help customize a look perfect for Your Big Day.


Our stylists and estheticians are passionate about you looking and feeling great 


Working together and supporting one another isn't always how salons are ran, but its critical to the success of our company. Whether its sharing guests, stepping in with a helping hand, or communally talking among everyone, our tribe creates a vibe that outshines all others. We love what we do, we love working together, and we love serving you.  #BFFL  



Come in and take a seat. We'll take care of you.


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