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Our pricing structure is based on the high-end organic products we use, the time it takes to provide each service, and the love and attention our stylists put into our guest’s experience. Additional services can be added to your appointment, and are appropriately valued at the extra time it will take to add to that service. For more details about each service, click on “Appointments”



Haircut & Style (45min) $56

Short Haircut & Style (above the ears and/or clipper on short hair) (30 min) $38

Long/thick Haircut & Style (1 hr) $76

Transformation Haircut (1 hr) $76

Transformation Haircut on Long/Thick Hair (1.25hrs) $96



Blow Out + Style (30 min) $38

Blow Out + Style Long/Thick Hair (45 min) $56

Deluxe Blow Out + Style (45 min) $56

Deluxe Blow Out + Style Long/Thick Hair (1 hr) $76

UpStyle (1 hr) $76



Root Retouch Only (3inches) (1.5hr) $76

All Over Color (1hr 45min) $116

All Over Color Long/Thick (2hr 15min) $156

-Add on: Around the Face Contouring + Tone (30 min) $38

-Add on: Haircut Clean up with Color (15min) $28

-Add on: Restructure Haircut with Color (30 min) $38



Partial Highlight/Partial Balayage Retouch (1-3inches) + Tone (2 hr) $114    

Full Highlight/Full Balayage Retouch (1-3inches) + Tone (2.5 hrs) $152  

Partial Highlight/Partial Balayage Through Mids/Ends + Tone (2 hrs 15 minutes) $172

Full Highlight/Full Balayage Through Mids/Ends + Tone (3 hrs) $228

All Over Color + Contour Lightening + Toner (2hrs) $152   

-Add on: Root Retouch $38 (30min)

-Additional Clarity Gloss Through Mids/ Ends (15min) $22

-Additional Clarity Gloss Through Mids/Ends Thick (30min) $38

-Add on: Root Smudge (30min) $38    

-Add on: Olaplex (15 min) $22

-Add on: Haircut Clean up with Color (15min) $28

-Add on: Restructure Haircut with Color (30 min) $38


Treatment Add-Ons

(can be added to any appointment)

Awaken Therapeutic Scalp Facial (15 min) $14

Protein Repair Treatment (30 min) $38

Deluxe Hydration Masque & Scalp Massage (15 min) $14

Olaplex Bond Protector (15min) $22

Plant Based Protein Booster $16

Curls Bake (10 min) $12


Waxing & Tinting Services

Brows $22

Brow Tint $24

Brow Wax & Tint $42

Lip Wax $12

Lash Tint $28

Full Face (Not including brows) $32

Nose/Ears $10

Chin/Sideburns/Cheek $9


Bikini Services

The Panty Liner (your basic bikini, keeping it fresh and contained) $36

The Hot Lips (tight bikini, feel safe in your skimpy thong. Backside Included) $48

The Strip Club (take everything off except the landing strip or a triangle) $62

The Bald Eagle (let Freedom Ring. It's your classic brazilian, everything goes) $64

Brazilian Maintenance (freshen up between 4-6 weeks of you original service) $48

The Back Door (exactly what it sounds like, take care of that booty, girl) $22-36


Body Waxing

Underarms $22

Half Arm $32

Full Arm $42

Half Leg $38

Full Leg $64

Back/Chest $24-86

Stomach $22-36

Bikini + Full Leg $82



Petite Facial (45min) $56

Natural Detox Facial (1hr) $76